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Mission and Objectives

Our Mission

In order to support the needs of the many diverse international markets that our members serve, we have to maintaine a global perspective in selecting the right global supplier base. Companies from all over the world that support the needs of our members requirements will be managed by these international procurement, logistics and services offices.

The offices are providing professional services for matters arising in procurement, consulting, sales support, engineering, quality and logistic processes between the suppliers factories and the members organization worldwide. The offices are managed by professional and technical staff and help to develop close relationships with the global supplier base.

Our Objectives

GPS' presence close to the markets and to our customers as well as our know how allow us to provide on time service tailored to customers' expectations. Our commitment to quality service is focusing on the following activities:

  • Market research and source selection.
  • Supplier development.
  • Quality inspection
  • Quotation, negotiation and contracting.
  • Auditing according to ISO/QS9001 requirements.
  • Sales and Marketing support
  • Day-to-day contact with the global supplier base
  • Order tracing and expediting
  • Location research and support for production relocations.

How we select new strategic suppliers:

Our strategic global supplier base should be capable to fulfill following requirements:
World Class Performance on:
  • Cost Competiveness and Ongoing Cost Reduction
  • Quality Standards (Zero Defect Deliveries/Prevention-orientated Quality Management)
  • Technical Support for Design and Production Phases
  • Flexibility in Production and Logistical Issues
  • Professional Order Handling and the willingness to cooperate with our IPO's and our worldwide operating Purchasing Organizations

Steps to build up a new Supplier Relation:

  • Technical and Commercial Quotations which fulfill the needs of the Members
  • Supplier Audit in Production, Quality and Logistics
  • International Purchasing Contract with individual Quality Control Procedures
  • Sample Order
  • Start of Production Deliveries with Source Inspection Procedures

Sourcing opportunities

Recommendations for cost effective supplies:

  • Castings (GG, GGG and Aluminum and Alloys)
  • Toolings (Stamping, pressing, drawing, moulding etc.)
  • Metal coated steel strips (coils) and metal tubes
  • Precision machined parts including micro parts
  • Ultrafine Micro Parts, Electronic Components
  • Rubber components
  • Sinter parts, Bearings
  • Motor Components and Motor Assemblies
  • Ceramic Technology incl. MIM and Micro Technology
  • Extruded Aluminum Profiles, Aluminum wheels
  • PCB and PCB Assy