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Potential Supplier Base

Sourcing opportunities include

Product: Castings (GG, GGG and Aluminum and Alloys)
Advantage: Cost, Quality and Capacity
Opportunity: World standard in Quality, Cost, Technology and Service
Suppliers location: China, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Philippines

Product: Toolings (Stamping, pressing, drawing, moulding etc.)
Advantage: Cost, Lead time, Capacity and Skill
Opportunity: Turn key projects, Service and Technology
Suppliers location: India, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Japan, China

Product: Metal coated steel strips (coils) and metal tubes
Advantage: Technology, Cost, Quality (automotive approved) and Flexibility
Opportunity: State of the art environmental friendly technology
Suppliers location: China

Product: Precision machined parts including micro parts
Advantage: Cost, Quality (low ppm rate, automotive) and Capacity
Opportunity: Technology and Engineering capability
Suppliers location: Japan, Singapore and Thailand

Product: Ultrafine Micro Parts
Advantage: Technology, Quality and Capacity
Opportunity: Advanced Technology and Know How
Suppliers location: Japan

Product: Rubber components
Advantage: Cost, Quality and Technology
Opportunity: Capacity and Engineering capability
Suppliers location: Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Korea

Product: Sinter parts
Advantage: Cost, Quality and Technology
Opportunity: Capacity and Flexibility
Suppliers Location: Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India and Malaysia

Product: Bearings
Advantage: Cost
Opportunity: Capacity ad Flexibility
Suppliers Location: China and Japan

Product: Motor Components and Motor Assemblies
Advantage: Cost, Quality and Flexibility
Opportunity: Capacity and Technology
Suppliers location China, Vietnam, India, Japan and Taiwan

Product: Ceramic Technology incl. MIM and Micro Technology
Advantage: Cost, Quality and Technology
Opportunity: Engineering Capability and Capacity
Suppliers location: Singapore and Japan

Product: Extruded Aluminum Profiles
Advantage: Cost
Opportunity: Capacity
Suppliers location: China and Australia

Product: Aluminum wheels
Advantage: Cost and Design
Opportunity: Capacity, Engineering capability and Flexibility
Suppliers location: Taiwan, China and Malaysia

Product: PCB and PCB Assy.
Advantage: Cost, Quality and Technology
Opportunity: Capacity
Suppliers location: China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and Korea

Product: Electronic Components
Advantage: Cost and Technology
Opportunity: Technology
Suppliers location: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, China,