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Sourcing, Quality and Supplier Development

  • Regular Quality Checks
  • ISO 9000 certification
  • Regular and even surprise supplier audits and inspections for quality assurance
  • Maintaining quality levels in all units manufactured not just the samples
  • Customer satisfaction audits and feedback
  • Supplier qualification, profiling and rating program
  • Supplier selection based foremost on reliability
  • Consulting members for perfect-fit source selection
  • Negotiating on Prices and conditions
  • Contract elaboration and conclusion
  • Trusted vendor list of suppliers
  • World class procurement practices using cutting edge internet tools
  • Long term relationship with suppliers
  • Transport and logistics handling
  • Purchase Order management
  • Constant surveillance of shipments and payments
  • Material, cost and quality management


To find the right supplier is one thing, the other one is to train and develop the supplier, to get the right parts and to establish a reliable production process.
The supplier in Asia must have the right infrastructure to produce the products with high performance and reliable quality.
Supplier is not supplier, a lesson most companies have to learn.
Even tooling and moulds looks different and not every tool maker in Asia is suitable to produce the right mould.
Logistics and packaging should not be  forgotten to discuss and to agree on. Lots of damages and claims can be avoided if we can discuss this subject early enough.

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- Article Qualitaet China - Anspruch und Wirklichkeit
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